Down to Business! The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater ~

IMG_0900Hey, this is Kishmish Reads and I thought I’d try blogging. Why? Because I love books and I hope to find others who love books as much as I do. Now the intro is over, full speed ahead!


THE RAVEN BOYS by Maggie Stiefvater

Yes, yes, I know it came out a whole FOUR years ago – I am aware. But here’s why I avoided it and maybe these are the reasons you avoided it too:

  1. If you kiss your true love, he will die’. The tag line of the book sounded like a cliche. It made me think well, oh, I guess she will and it will be such a struggle.
  2. Blue. The main character’s name is Blue and I understand every book wants that memorable character called Karou or Starburst so the reader doesn’t forget the name – but she is called Blue.

But I was in desperate need of reading material and so I looked past its faults and it was the best decision I made. So without further adieu:

Blue is born to a psychic family but is the only one without psychic ability. Plain Blue finds herself accompanying her psychic aunt Neeve to the end of Corpse Road on St. Marks Eve to record the people who will die that year. Plain Blue cannot see these spirits because she is not a psychic, that is until she sees Gansey’s spirit. Apparently a non-psychic can only see a spirit on this day if they either killed the person or if it is their true love. You can almost see where this is going with the tag line it was given. Mushy love story is about to commence!….Except it isn’t that at all.

This story is not about love, it’s about mystery.

Gansey is looking for a mystical king hidden under magic ley lines hundreds of years ago. He is muddling through mythology and possible coincidental or magical experiences with all the powers a charismatic and rich child has. He stumbles upon Blue at work, upsets her hilariously and from then on he is just about managing to stop her from wanting to scream at him. Blue gets roped up in to the mix of mystical magical kings that can supposedly grant favours and she ends up following the group (consisting of Ronan, Adam and Noah). It is only until further on things become bigger than themselves as magic is proven to be quite real.

So if you like mysteries where under qualified school kids go running into possible danger this is the book for you! Honestly, I loved it and am currently plowing through the rest of the books in the series, its a quartet.

(Also Blue’s name: the book is surprisingly self aware this isn’t a reasonable name for a person. There is a scene about it that made me laugh so much. I will leave it at that.)

Thanks for reading! Bye!

Throughout the novel I had this song stuck in my head.

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