Excelsior! – The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater


I was going to do the rest of the series in one big group, but as I am currently reading The Raven King and am unsure how it is going, I thought I’d break it up in to less spoilery parts. So then I can be spoilery in each review about the previous book before for it. Make sense? Okay, lets go! Excelsior!

THE DREAM THIEVES by Maggie Stiefvater.

4 / 5 stars

Honestly a lot of second books in a series scare me. They suffer from second book syndrome where they are usually building for that penultimate final book where everything makes sense but now the reader must suffer through filler and possibly unmemorable events.

Did The Dream Thieves suffer from Second Book Syndrome?

I want to say yes.

It was slow in the beginning, after suffering through the fantastical events in the previous books. Maybe it was partially to do with the fact that this one focused a lot more on Ronan’s point of view, who was closer to a side character before. So it took a bit of getting used to and the story just took a while to pick up.

Neeve disappeared after almost attempting to murder Barrington Whelk in the last book and the women in Fox Way took this very casually. It just seemed a bit odd to me.

You see the characters live their daily lives and it is interesting for a while, but it took me about 150 pages to get in to this book. You see a lot more of the Raven Boys and how their lives work around Aglionby and with the other students, which is interesting but I always felt these books should have been more about Blue. Since we started with her voice in the first book I always felt we should hear more from her, but the book does jump through many point of views.

I loved the villain / adversary in the novel. He goes by ‘The Grey Man’ and his character is just very well written on the whole. Although the Saxon language peppered throughout it makes it a little hard to read, but hey, maybe that’s just me with my inability to pronounce Saxon.

But lets get back to the star of the show: Ronan is a Greywaren a person who can take things out of his dreams. That’s how he got Chainsaw in the previous book. It’s pretty cool and I really began to like the character after I got use to him and his voice. I liked how his relationship with Kadinsky developed and he sort of mirrored Ronan but showed how much worse Ronan could be. Essentially I feel Kadinsky being awful made Ronan look better.

The end was amazing. It was dramatic and I feel that really made the book so much better.

Of course, the on-going hunt for Glendower continues but it is all about the journey, isn’t it? Excelsior!

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