Squash one, squash two, squash three – Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater



BLUE LILY, LILY BLUE by Maggie Stiefvater

4 / 5 stars

So this is the third book in The Raven Cycle series before the penultimate final book. So I already guessed they would not find Glendower, but hey it’s all about the journey!

This is the book where everything goes a bit wrong. Gansey is on this hunt for Glendower and he has discovered many signs of magic on the way. We get to follow this enchanting journey with them, but it’s starting to not seem…so safe.

Adam serves Cabeswater as its hands and eyes. He’s part magic and dubbed the Magician. He’s other.

Ronan takes things from his dreams.

Gansey’s team is becoming more supernatural as the quest goes on. But he’s beginning to realise that everything he is finding isn’t right. Either he stumbles upon it by chance or everything just seems so eerie. The quest is becoming more and more dangerous and Gansey has to decide how much finding Glendower is worth.

Then there is the prophecy of the Three Sleepers; one to wake, one to be left alone and the other…is unspecified.

The Raven Boys plus Blue are venturing through new caves but must be aware there is some being that cannot be woken. It is suggested that the world will probably end if the sleeper that should not be woken up is awoken. The stakes rise.

The Grey Man’s boss Greenmantle is in town and he is looking for the mysterious Greywaren. His wife is around too and I loved her character in an odd way. Her brand of sarcasm was something else. Her marriage proposal made me laugh:

“Will you marry me?” she asked.

He thought about it. “I love myself the most, though. Are you OK always coming in second?”


Gansey and Blue try not to love each other.

Really this book is a lot of setting up I think for the last book. But it doesn’t have second book syndrome (partly because it is a third book if you want to be pedantic) because the story is all about the search for Glendower. They are looking and looking and they fall in to so many crazy scenarios along the way. It is a journey and an adventure.

Also there are so many in-jokes by this point in the book I just find it too funny. Especially Ronan’s favourite song, as it is briefly mentioned in the title of this post 🙂 .

Why not 5 stars? Because despite the search and the journey and the adventures – it does feel a bit dragged out and that some scenes were just not necessary. Call me picky but maybe I was just waiting for Glendower. Like please. Find this king.

The next bit is a huge spoiler if you haven’t read this book yet. Click at your own risk.

The sleeper that shouldn’t have been woken had to be be woken up didn’t it? It’s like having a gun waved around in your story but no one shooting it. It had to happen and I was just waiting for some idiot to do it.

Did anyone else expect that to happen too?

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