Make way for the Raven King! – The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater.


THE RAVEN KING by Maggie Stiefvater

3.5 / 5 stars

I think when you read a series like this and the books prepare you for this amazing ending and then if you don’t get it then you feel a little cheated I guess. A horrible way to start a review but I was just…a bit disappointed.

BUT after Blue Lily, Lily Blue I think we were being prepared for an ending that neither we or the characters wanted or expected.

He imagined this wasn’t an ordinary weight holding the lid down; rather, it was unworthiness. They had not proven themselves in some way, and so Glendower was barred from them still.

So it was foreshadowed from the beginning we were not going to get the ending we were expecting (can you tell how hard I’m trying not to mention this in a spoilery way in case someone hasn’t read it?). I guess the ending added an element of realism in to the story, not everything works out in life how you expect it to, even if you live on a magical ley line.

I also really loved how time was explained in this series, how it’s circular and not predictable. It opens up the plot for so many possibilities.

Okay, so lets move on: The stakes have risen because Piper decided it would be a great idea to wake the sleeper that should be left damn well alone and it was a demon. So that demon is trying to ruin the world and the Raven Boys have to stop it.

But with a magical amplifier, a dreamer, a magician and Gansey (who can order people magically – so he was sort of the king) they were not a bad team to stop said demon. At this point I basically can’t unsee them as the Scoobey gang and the Camaro is their Mystery machine.

But – I have no clue who the sleeper who needed to be awoken was in the previous book. Was that sleeper Gwenallian? She was actually rather helpful despite being mad. So perhaps she was, which then begs the question of who would the other one be?


I can’t get over the fact I was left with a lot of questions and a wish for more. I wanted the ending to be something else. I read a similar review on AdoptaBookAUS’ blog about wishing the ending was different. Apparently Maggie wanted the ending to be this way and knew some people wouldn’t agree, I mean no one can please everyone. So I think it’s admirable that she stuck to her guns and ended the book how she wanted it to end. As a writer myself I’d like to think I’d end any story I write how I think it should end and not by everyone else’s ideas. You’ve got to stay true to the story or something like that~

Anyway, I don’t like judging a book on the author’s intentions so I’m going to leave it at I wish this ended differently.

Tell me your thoughts if you’ve read it!

( This review is a bit of a mess I know, but I guess it just hurtled towards this ending and there was so much left unsaid. I also I just finished writing MY FIRST NOVEL! My brain has been fried -.- )

2 thoughts on “Make way for the Raven King! – The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater.

  1. I agree with all of this and felt the same way 🙂 I really did love the take on time being circular aswell and the whole cast of characters are amazing the ending was just a bit of a let down but I get why she did it and understand but I just wanted something more from it. CONGRATS ON FINISHING YOUR FIRST NOVEL! So exciting 😀

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