This book broke my heart in to tiny pieces….Yes, this is: Empire of Storms by Sarah J Maas.


My self-imposed hiatus to finish this books is over. I am back and I have the worst book hangover ever…I want another book and I never want to read another book again (but of course I will!).And here is also a picture of my Throne of Glass related haul: EoS, the colouring book and a t-shirt full of ToG quotes!


5 / 5 stars

So this is the fifth book in the series if you discount the prequel, which I do, and so we have one more book left for Sarah TO FIX THIS.I shouldn’t expect anything less at this point than for her to end on a point where WAITING IS A HORRIFYING CONCEPT. But this is why I love her series’ so much because she is so good at getting me emotionally invested in the characters.

Fan girling aside, I really want to say that this book was not what I expected at all. After Queen of Shadows Aelin was heading for Terrasen to rebuild her court and so I was expecting a lot of Aelin being queen in a court and politics. IT WAS NOT. And I think that’s why I love these books because I never expect what is going to happen next. Instead, very early on Aelin is told that the lords that manage Terrasen do not want a nineteen year old girl that abandoned them once already to be their queen. She is told to go build an army and maybe then they will consider her.

This book becomes another one of Aelins adventures. She travels across the continent to gather her army and stop Erawen. She sends messages in bright, sarcastic and snarky Aelin / Celeana ways. We see characters from the Assassins Blade stories, like Rolfe and Ansel. It feels so good to meet those characters again and see how the fact magic is now back in the world effects them.

But there is an underlying tale to all of this which many of the characters, such as Aedion bring up. Aelin is the Queen Who Was Promised. She is a legend in the making and she has so many powerful people behind her, like Rowan who wields ice and wind and Dorian Hallivard who has raw magic. It was as if their coming was foretold and stories will be told for hundreds of years in Erilea after them I imagine and I liked that explanation of why they are so powerful.

This is truly an epic fantasy read and if the 684 pages are scaring you I do recommend to just jumping in. It was a great read, but waiting a whole year for the next book will be hard. I just hope everyone gets the ending they deserve / need.

(This was a rather fan-girlish review! But I just love the series so much and it has not disappointed me yet.)

2 thoughts on “This book broke my heart in to tiny pieces….Yes, this is: Empire of Storms by Sarah J Maas.

    1. Thanks =) And yeah the colouring book has some really nice pictures in although I do wish they have a few more EoS pictures, but I guess they didn’t want to spoil the book for anyone seeing as the release date was the same :/ I wish there was more ToG merch around – like Jewellery.


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