The Orphan Black Book Tag! Made by yours truly ;)


Hey I’ve never made a book tag before but I’ve just finished binge watching this show and so I thought I’d combine two things I love. Orphan Black and book tags! If you like the idea of it, have a go. 🙂  I’ll just be happy people like it.



1. Sarah Manning  – A badass from a series you love:

Celeana Sardothien. I cannot think of any other character that is more of a badass then Celeana. She’s like the Jack Sparrow of books…but a little more effective at getting what she wants done.



2. Cosima – A book that you did not expect the ending of:

EMPIRE OF STORMS. I’m not going to get over that ending forever, at all, never. So I had to mention that here. But my heart was broken in a good way, if you can say one’s heart breaking is a good thing.



3. Alison Hendrix – A book that you found incredibly predictable:

Looking For Alaska. I read this a few years ago now but I remember reading a couple of chapters and just knowing what was going to happen to Alaska. But I still loved the chatacters despite that.



4. Helena – Your favourite crazy character:

I actually can’t think of a character from a book that is crazy and I enjoyed reading about. So I’m cheating in my own book tag and saying Moriarty from Sherlock. I know Moriarty exists in the Conan Doyle novels too but the Sherlock Moriarty is different and is crazy.

Can you think of any crazy characters from books that were enjoyable to read about? I can’t…and now this is something I really want to work on. Let me know! I mean tv shows and movies do this really well I think.



5. Beth Childs – An incredibly brave and selfless character:

Gansey from The Raven Cycle quartet. He is constantly marching his supernatual scoobey gang in to Cabeswater and other magical places and he is constantly trying to be the peace-keeper in the group and make sure everyone is okay.



6. Rachel Duncan – Your favourite antagonist:

Voldemorte. Hands down I think he was one of the best antagonists in book history just because of his presence in the entire HP series and I was always worried he was going to appear even when he was supposedly dead.



7. Krystal – A clueless character that you love anyway:

Luna Lovegood. Okay she wasnt completely clueless but she is pretty offbeat at the best of times and awesome….come to think of it I really only remember her from the movies…

8. Felix – Your book best friend, a go-to read on a rainy day:

City of Bones or maybe Lady Midnight now. But as a writer or when I was feeling a little bored I would always go to CoB . It was the book that really kicked me back in to reading and YA.



9. Mrs S – A book that wasn’t what you expected:

And I Darken by Kiersten White. I loved it. Lada was an awesome fighter as the blurb made her out to be but I did not expect her to get so attached to a love interest. It does make her character more believable and flawed, as she is struggling to make a decision about her life but at the same time the book is a little different to what it says on the tin, if  you get what I mean. So I loved it for more than the badass who kills things.


So let me know your thoughts! And have a go if you want 🙂 Oh and link back to me so I can see your Orphan Black tag.

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