Mare Barrow’s Harrowing Adventures: Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard


GLASS SWORD by Victoria Aveyard

2 / 5 stars

I want to start this off by saying I enjoyed Red Queen, I liked the iconic red vs silver blood thing and the powers. The love triangle between Cal, Maven and Mare wasn’t painful to read like most love triangles are and I enjoyed it. But Glass Sword…it suffers from second book syndrome. SBS BEWARE, it’s a serious problem. They want to set up for the amazing finale but the second book is just that…build up.

I originally DNFed this book but I hate doing that and so I’ve picked it up about ten times or so over the last six months ago. So its not like I didn’t try.

I’m going to start with the¬†good points:

  • Cal and Mare are struggling to cope with the knowledge of what they did to escape from the last book.
  • Naturally, after Maven’s betrayal Mare has trust issues. I like how she has evolved as a character. I feel like a lot of YA fantasy novels don’t let their main characters come to grips or sometimes acknowledge those harrowing experiences.

So why didn’t I like it?

Mare has problems. TOO MANY PROBLEMS. It was like a double edged sword, while I liked the fact she was believable, she just wouldn’t stop questioning everyone. It felt a little repetitive. Because she was so alone she was constantly thinking things and I felt very trapped in her head. In Glass Sword, Mare’s head is not a place you want to be.

And since I couldn’t stay invested while reading about Mare Barrow’s harrowing adventures, I just couldn’t bring myself to be invested in the characters.

But after saying this, I am probably going to pick up the next book because of the ending and I am invested in their world. Although I don’t think Mare Barrows harrowing mindset is going to change any time soon so I’m also a bit on the fence about the whole thing…

Also the ending came around oddly fast and now that I’ve finished the book and let it simmer in my mind for a couple of days I don’t understand how it all came about.

Tell me your thoughts! =)

2 thoughts on “Mare Barrow’s Harrowing Adventures: Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

    1. Yeah, I hope Kings Cage is better. But Mare didn’t exactly get any happier so I have no clue what its going to be like D: I don’t think it’s a trilogy either so I’m wondering how long this might get dragged out.

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