November 9th by Colleen Hoover


So this was my travel book also my contemporary book hangover cure from the whirl wind of feels that was Empire of Storms. And I loved the premise of this book, where a couple meets up every year on november 9th and one of them is writing about it and turning it in to a story and one of them is working through a past trauma. And the girl wasn’t too whiny, which I liked. She knew she had a problem and was trying to work through it.

There is so much hype around Colleen Hoover books and so I wanted to try one. And well I did like it. But I had my issues with it.



NOVEMBER 9th by Colleen Hoover

3 / 5 stars

After so many good books throughout the summer I have had a bad run of three books in a row which have either been a bit…meh or bad. I would say November 9th was meh, if that was anything to go by.


  • I loved Fallon’s insight. A terrible thing had happened to her and that did bring down her confidence but she also knew she was down on herself and needed to work through her problem. Therefore her lack of confidence didn’t bother me.
  • Ben’s a writer and somewhat mysterious. Like we saw glimpses of his life but he never elaborated on them to Fallon or us.
  • November 9th was also the title of Ben’s book he was writing so it made me wonder if I was reading his book.
  • The characters. I loved them all and I enjoyed reading about Ben and Fallon equally. I wanted to know how their life progressed every year.


Now…for the negatives or perhaps gripes. They were small things but that brought my opinion of the book down. To be fair I am very picky when it comes to relationships and this ticked all the boxes of things I don’t like:


  • Cheese. Ben calls Fallon baby and he means it seriously and I can’t help but internally cringe every time. I know some people like the phrase, but its just not for me…
  • The beginning. Ben appears out of nowhere and thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to help Fallon. Okay, I know you need some element of the fantastical in stories…buuut this struck me as down right weird. This also gets explained later.
  • Which brings me to the twist, which I won’t mention. But I did not see it coming but I also questioned the entire twist. Like I thought to myself oh really?! Of freaking course he had to do that, but whyyyyy? I won’t say more on that because this is a non spoilery review, but tell me your thoughts in the comments! 🙂
  • And lastly Fallon’s fight or flight reactions – mostly flight. She could listen and get answers but no she is going to leg it and then regret that decision for an entire year.
  • MY 4TH WALL! I can’t read books that talk about reading other books. It feels weird and reminds me I’m reading a book. (I know this is a weird opinion). But they reference books to be funny and it was weird. “Is this a book worthy kiss?” They ask. Weird….


Those were my gripes and why I could not love the book as much as I wanted to. Overall I did like the book and how the relationship progressed for the most part. It was somewhat believable in places. I do recommend it for a light read.

So tell me your thoughts!

And if any of you know a good place to buy books in English in Shenzhen, China pleaaaaase let me know. I need some good reading material and shipping prices are extortionate. Also I plan to try and get back in to blogging, its just been a hectic few weeks settling in to China and all.

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