Damn Millennial problems – not book things at all.

I don’t really expect people to read this as it is not about books, which is what this blog is supposed to be about. But hey I read other people’s life updates some times because it feels like reading a soap opera and sometimes you need those. And these are also a little therapeutic.

So I made this blog when I finished university. I had an abundance of time and I wanted to share my great love of books and discover many more through wordpress.

Then 6 weeks ago I moved to China for a job. I lived in England there weren’t many good opportunities for graduates and I have always wanted to travel. So I did. I’m currently teaching English to little kids – it can be fun and it can be horrible. (As little children are evil minions, don’t let their cute little faces fool you.)

So yeah that major change really messed up any habit I ever had. I kicked my caffeine addiction originally, although to survive work I have resumed. If only someone had told me green tea had caffeine in I may have been fine…

Anyway, the first week is that honeymoon phase where i am in a new country and at the beach THE SEA WAS WARM. Crazy, right? It is if you’re used to England where it is still freezing on the hottest day of the year. So I had a great time. Shenzhen is like a different city at night where everything is lit up with colourful signs and everywhere is open and booming for business until at least 10pm. I have never been to New York but I like to think of Shenzhen as China’s little city that never sleeps.

I have yet to travel outside of Guangdong yet, but I am busy and I never planned to come to china so i am learning as i go. It is all quite daunting. And thats how the honeymoon phase ended. Ordering food is difficult when most places only have chinese menus with a few pictures and those pictures aren’t always the best. For about two weeks here I probably ate very little as I was not used to the change in flavours and would almost order something every night that I did not paticularly enjoy.

But then I made some break through and I found one thing which i would order for days straight and then run back to if i messed up an order somewhere else.  I travelled here with my boyfriend and we were both struggling, I cannot imagine having managed to do this alone. I think I would have given up at so many points and there are rumours of the ones who have, it is not uncommon.

So rounding up really. I miss England, I miss real western food and the simplicity OF KNOWING WHEN MY FREAKING PACKAGES ARRIVE. Of course these are small things but hundreds of small things make the problem seem insurmountable. But I am not leaving because I do not know if I could get a job in England and I don’t know if I am also just struggling to break out of university students habits – where waking up at 8 was the worst thing in the world. I’m not the type of person to throw in the towel but I am not the happiest of people right now and there are so many reasons as to why I could not pinpoint it.

So really, what I’m saying is: Hey, you might have graduated recently or something and are not enjoying the job you’ve got but just keep at it. Work until you can find a better option. Be a millennial and work for you dream. Because who knows if you quit whatever you’re doing now if the next thing is going to be better. So just keep your head up.

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