Goodbye 2016!

This year…



And edited countless times since then, and I do mean countless. I want to begin sending it off at some point but I keep re-checking it. And I have no clue if that’s for the better.


I MOVED TO CHINA (more recently.)

It has been a challenge in many ways…especially when trying to find books to read. BUT…the winter holidays are coming and that means home and books, books, BOOKS.

And I read some really amazing books this year:

  • ACOTAR and EOS blew my mind.
  • Lady Midnight was also amazing.
  • I was  genuinely surprised by how good The Raven Boy’s series was.
  • When We Collided was a book that just touched my heart.
  • I am just waiting for the next novel in Kiersten White’s And I Darken series.


It’s been the best year and the worst year. But I’m glad for the opportunities I’ve been given. Bring on 2017!

Happy new year!




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