Janorwrimo update! pt 1.

I haven’t gone insane yet. But there is still time. And I still have time to finish this!



It’s been 8 days since I started my belated Janorwrimo and I have written 30k so far! So I’m ahead of schedule by like 6k woo!

But I did break my rule. I am copy and pasting relevant parts as there are some characters that are just not effected by the change and therefore will say and do the exact same things.

And I’m not writing today. I went to Harry Potter world in London today and it was amazing! And as my boyfriend says I am a Gryffindork ( I even bought a hoodie). It was a great day but im exhausted- so perhaps I’ll make up for it tomorrow. 6k – with maybe some odd copy and paste if I’m lucky.

So hopefully I won’t make a habit of this!

Currently this song has really been helping my writing ~

Madness by Ruelle : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnSkt6V3qF0

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