Janowrimo Update! pt. 2


I know I just did an update like a whole three days ago. But I said I was going to get through 6k words in one day aaaand I did. So I think I was just at 30k back then. And now (with some copy and pasting, but I do reread and edit out unnecessary sentences so I still do work) I have smashed that number out of the park!

I got past the 60k mark tonight! I mean there was a lot of copy and pasta …


But the ending is going to need a huge rework. So 3k will probably be hard to do. So it won’t all be smooth sailing.


Also this picture destroyed my soul when I found it. It makes me want to be a bit more stringent when copy and pasting so many paragraphs. Shouldn’t get lazy and overdo it.



Good luck to all you guys who are writing anything or editing – we all need it and a good cup of tea (or coffee). =)

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