To Read Or Not To Read: Ink by Alice Broadway

Here it comes…


To Read or Not To Read: … not to read.

(Gosh, that felt bad to write. But we can’t always find books we love all the time I suppose!)

Image result for ink by alice broadwayInk by Alice Broadway

2 / 5 Stars

This book just wasn’t for me and to be fair I didn’t really look in to it much at the shop to see if I would like it. The reason? THE COVER IS BEAUTIFUL The orange is shiny by the way and I would say instead BUY IT FOR YOUR SHELF. It’s a beautiful looking book and that is exactly why I bought it. I’d give it 5 stars on how pretty it is for sure.

Maybe I just wasn’t in the right place to read it. Now I Rise was staring at me while I tried to read this. I DNF’d it at about half-way.

Read it if you like close first person narratives, MC’s discovering the terrible truth about the world.

Why I didn’t like it:

  • It read too much like other stories before, (like Matched by Allie Condie).
  • We’re are perhaps a bit too close to the characters thoughts, or perhaps she was a bit too much of a worrier for my tastes.
  • She’s discovering that the society she loves perhaps isn’t what she thought and this trope hadn’t been spun in an original enough way for me to appreciate it.
  • I wasn’t really a fan of their origin story as to why they have tattoos.
  • The concept of the skin book creeps me the hell out – but maybe I’m just weird.



  • I liked the idea that the characters all got tattoos for important stages in their life so it was like a story on their body.
  • The idea that blank people terrify them then seems pretty logical.
  • I like how the political structures in the book are shaped around those two ways of thought.


Now that I’ve written this review I do actually kind of want to go back and finish it. I did spoil it for myself in the hope I’d hear there’s some super chocolatey plot twist – but there wasn’t anything that I wasn’t already expecting. However, I’ve moved to uni so that book is a little far away from me now! So perhaps I’ll do a re-cap review another time 🙂

What did you guys think if you’ve read Ink?

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