My Summer TBR Checklist

Well summer is definitely over and Scotland has not forgotten to remind me of that the second I step out the door. So how well did I do? I’d give a not bad / 10. It was mostly  a what will I buy sort of book list so not much got done because I do try to save my money.

Image result for greys anatomy adulting



Image result for lord of shadows   Image result for a court of wings and ruin  Image result for eleanor and park  Image result for now i rise kiersten white  Image result for a darker shade of magic


Adulted so didn’t buy:

Image result for king's cage  Image result for the bone season  Image result for this savage song  Image result for strange the dreamer

Not sorry about King’s Cage but I do kindaaaa want to know.


So is this considered a fail in adulting because I still bought more books than I didn’t? (Did I mention I bought ACOWAR twice? One’s a physical copy for my shelf… that doesn’t exist because I moved to Scotland).


How far did you get in to your summer reading lists? Are your bank accounts crying too?

Image result for crying computer


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