The Gem Experiments

I wrote a novel! Now it’s on Kindle Scout, if you like the sound of it please give it read and nominate me! 🙂  Click here. And if it wins every who voted gets a free copy and who doesn’t like a free book? 😀


The Gem Experiments

by Emma Nicole (ME!)

Seraphina Luxgrove is a liar – and a lie.

Gems were created to fight for humanity, but now they are hunted down by Lionheart and monster alike. Seraphina Luxgrove is a Gem hiding in plain sight, lying through her teeth just to survive. She escaped her creators years ago and has trained to be a Lionheart, a monster hunter and she’s damn good at it too. However, she might be not as good as she thought. Something has been stolen from her, but who can she trust to help? The monsters she kills for a living, or the zealous Lionhearts?


Also let me know what you think so far in the comments below 🙂

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