Day #3 Uncovering the mystery of Kindle Scout

I recently started a campaign for my novel on Kindle Scout, here. And I thought I’d share my journey in case anyone else was considering trying it out. What is it? Info here.

Is it a good opportunity? Yeesssss… Well, if you are selected by amazon you get $1,500 and they’ll advertise your book – from as much as a I can tell.

But that’s about if you win. And I am no way near that yet, so I can’t say much about it. But there’s this magic thing called the Hot and Trending on the Kindle Scout page. Those books that are already there get more exposure because whoever goes to that page will see those novels. But how do you get there?

Page views. This is where it feels as if I’ve lost control of my novel, or at least the ability to market it effectively.  On my first two days I promote my novel pretty much everywhere, here, Facebook, twitter, etc.


That achieved this, 30 page views. Does it say something about my inability to market something, yes. But also that 96% of my views came from being super new and on the Kindle Scout front page. In a day or so I’m not going to be super new anymore. What’s going to happen then if I’m not hot and trending?

I received around 800 page views over the last two days but I haven’t achieved that label.

Also to anyone looking to publish an e-book and needs cover art. Go to . You can get e-books covers for like £4 and I had no clue that existed before I created my own. I could have saved myself a lot of effort and had something far more professional looking at the end..


Good luck with your writing,

Emma xx


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