To Read or Not To Read: Now I Rise by Kiersten White

To Read or Not To Read: READ IT!


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Now I Rise by Kiersten White

5 / 5 Stars

I picked this up on my mini book haul after arriving home from China, which was no coincidence because I’ve been stalking the second book in the Conqueror’s Saga since I finished the first.

The first is Now I Darken in case you didn’t know, which you should definitely pick up.


Read it if you like: a brutal female heroine, MURDER, court intrigue and historical fiction.

Why I liked it:

  • I’m all aboard the Lada hype train since book 1. I never got off the Lada hype train. (She is female Vlad the Impaler.) She is just a great fix of badass fighting.
  • Lada is believable and she has faults – while she is a brilliant fighter we follow her story so we see where she gets those ideas from. They’re not pulled out of a hat. She’s also terrible at court and politics and is brash which makes her believable.
  • RADU. He is always in the heart of court intrigue and his struggle really makes me want to root for him. I love thinking about how much he’s grown as a character since book one when he was this whiny child and I found him so much more likeable this time.
  • I don’t read much historical fiction but I found the story set in the Ottoman and Byzantium time period so I find this really refreshing.
  • The writing. I can imagine everything described and there’s never so much description that I get bored.


I don’t apologise for the rather hyped review! 😀 It definitely met my expectations the last novel set.

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