The Gem Experiments by Emma Nicole (ME!)

My YA Fantasy novel, The Gem Experiments is available on Amazon now :)! Click here to see it!!


The_Gem_Experiments (4)Seraphina Luxgrove is a Gem, a science experiment and to most that means she’s one of the monsters too. 

Seraphina sought refuge with the Lionhearts four years ago, claiming the fae abducted her and made her this way. It worked, little did they know they were harbouring and training a Gem as one of their own hunters. But pretending to be normal, or at least as normal as a fae-touched monster hunter can be, is never an easy thing. It means never letting anyone get close enough to see the cracks in her disguise. It makes every conversation a game and a relationship even more dangerous. But Seraphina is accustomed to danger, after all she hunts monsters for a living and she’s damn good at it.

But something else was better. It got her – stole her memories and now every time Seraphina tries to remember she loses time. But who can she turn to, the zealous Lionhearts or the monsters she kills?


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