I wrote a new story! Check it out!

This was something I did for fun over the last couple of weeks after uni died down. It is set in The Gem Experiment world and set three and a half years before the events in the novel. It’s about Seraphina’s life as she trains to become a Lionheart in the guild. It’s a short novella and I’m hoping to write a few more short stories about her life up to the events in The Gem Experiments.

Check it out here! It’s free on amazon until Wednesday.

Hallowed Omen: A Gem Experiments Novella

HallowedOmen.pngSeraphina and Kai Luxgrove are Gems; humans that were scientifically engineered with monster DNA to be stronger and better at fighting the monsters. Except all the other Gems were killed and branded as dangerous. Seraphina and Kai only escaped because they were abducted the by the fae. For a year they survived twisted court politics and cruel fae trickery. 

There was only one place left for them to go after they ran, the Lionhearts, the very people who killed the Gems. Seraphina and Kai sought their protection, pretending to be merely fae-touched humans, but how long can they keep up their lies when they’re surrounded by eagle eyed vigilantes? Training to be a monster hunter is no easy thing, especially when they both look just like what the other students are training to hunt.

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