My stories and writing… an update

I don’t know how many of you are writers, but some of you are, and neither do I know if any of you have ever attempted to publish. Publishing for me has been a very uphill battle from the start of trying Amazon’s Kindle Scout. I’d been writing behind closed doors up until then – excluding a few very early fanfics and the communities I’ve long since I left. The point I’m making is I didn’t have some great reader base and neither should I without having any exposure.

My novel and novellas are currently in Amazon’s Kindle Select program, meaning I can’t host them elsewhere. But once that expires in very late February / March I’m going to see what else I can do. If anyone has any tips / ideas, please tell me! I read a lot of articles on how-to but I don’t think anything can trump experience at the end of the day. And this is what this whole fiasco has been, an experience. From seeing my books ripped on to free websites and ogling at ratings that might as well be influenced by the Mayan calendar with how much sense they make to me.

I posted my novel on amazon originally in the hope I’d make a little bit of cash as it was a time when I was very short on that. A stupid idea really because if I take myself out of the ohmygoshmybookisonline for a moment I would have realised no one, or at least myself is going to pick up a book they’ve never heard of. So it was never going to work. I had my heart set on traditional publishing but I was desperate and needed cash, I wasn’t thinking clearly. But this is the path I am now on so after Kindle Select runs out I’ll hopefully have formed a battle plan.

Currently the plan is just to get my story out there because at the end of the day, I wrote them because I believed in the story and in those characters that transformed as I wrote them. Writing is a kind of magic and it’s something I love doing and while everyone loves getting paid at the end of the day this is not what I cared about. I wanted people to read my stories and hopefully like them as much as me. And so my novel The Gem Experiments is out for free from December 30th to January 1st. I would really appreciate if you pick it up and tell me how you feel, send me a message on WordPress, Twitter or maybe even on Amazon. I would really appreciate your thoughts. I loved writing this and I want others to love reading it. I don’t have much wiggle room with how I want to sell my books until March time but hopefully I’ll have some more control over them then. This story isn’t something I’m finished with yet and this whole process hasn’t quite destroyed my soul and so I’m working on the second in the series currently!

It’s a little early but happy new year guys! 🙂


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