Garbled Review of Warcross by Marie Lu

If you weren’t aware, I’m a  massive nerd so this book called to me. Que nerd montage:

Nerdcompilation *ahem* So that’s why I had to read Warcross. There are so many anime and manga adaptions that involve VR but not books….that I’m aware of. Also I’ve read her Legend trilogy and I loved it. I still need to finish her other one though.

Image result for warcrossWarCross by Marie Lu

4 /5 Stars

I think I’m being star stingy. I mean I knew what this book would be like before I picked it up, I wanted to read it for the very reason I took away the star. But I also wanted the ending to be different and the relationships that formed were a bit typical. Don’t get me wrong I loved…


  • The descriptions of Emika’s world and how VR changed it.
  • I liked Emika’s tough girl character and I was really interested in all the memories of her father. I’m never usually that interested about a dead character I never met when alive.
  • VR.

But to avoid spoilers…. the ending didn’t thrill me. Emika’s love interest seemed odd and yet predictable. And in the back of my mind I thought the elite Warcross hacker could be XXXX, but that’d be crazy, right? RIGHT? But apparently it might actually be them.

However, I am totally ready for the sequel. Because I did pick up this book because I love the VR trope and Marie Lu’s writing. Also I want to see if elite hacker’s supposed identity is a joke. I honestly hope it is.

*Also I just found this amazing merch by accident! It won’t let me copy a picture over 😦

**And speaking of pictures I found this amazing drawing of Emika :O I really liked how colourful she was <3.

Image result for warcross


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