Music Monday is back! A song from my writing playlist

I’ve gotten super back in to writing since I read A Court of Frost and Starlight, my review was eaten by WordPress so that is currently a work in progress. Probably a good thing since most of it was nonsensical fangirling.

Today it is an ost from Darling in the FranXX.


I’ve been completely surprised by this anime that I originally started watching as a joke because of those mechs and the drivers. I’m not really a mech fan either, but the characters and the world building is amazing! The ost reminds me of the magic of the show and helps motivate my writing :3

What’s your current writing song? Link it in the comments below, or better yet make a post of your own and tag me so I can see what music you guys like to write to! 🙂

Even if you’re having a bad day that one song can make everything that bit better !

Image result for grey's anatomy dance it out

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