A Conjuring of …. Somehow I have misplaced all my cares.

I am not one to give a bad review. There’s a thrill in writing them, to vent and everyone loves to vent but I try to not to post my awful reviews. I might create a blog purposely for illiterate ranting.  But for this one time I’m going to rant here and there will be a few spoilers so close your unspoiled eyes and read something else if you care for the sanctity of this series, which was good up until book 3.


A Conjuring of Light by V. E. Schwab was a book I was really looking forward to, I loved her two other novels and so naturally I expected something from this.

I’m all aboard the Captain Alucard and Prince Rhy hype train, I think Kel and Delilah are amazing but I cannot finish this book. I’ve had it since Christmas and I can’t read it, I even want to say it caused my book slump?



Everyone has a point of view now. And there are so many characters I really don’t care about enough to validate so many alternating chapters. Number 1 being Holland. He was a great little antagonist, can he stay there? Boo hoo I had a sad life, read my sorrows. I’m far less interested in a book when I’m skipping pages.

2. Are we travelling to Mordor? Yes, all the different Londons are at threat by this potential god. There has been so much build up that I loved and now we’re here and the characters are so lost and…. they are so very lost. And I am also very bored.

3. Maybe I just don’t like boats? Maybe literature involving sailing isn’t the thing for me…I’m pretty sure those episodes of Outlander were rather dull to me too. However, Pirates of the Carribean, great. So maybe it’s not the boats.

4. So many new characters. I forgot their names. Stop. There’s more? Oh… I’m skimming their dialogue too.

Honestly, I’m just disappointed. I want to read this series and one day I hope to sit myself down, chain myself to a chair and read this. I want to know the end without someone telling me because I know its going to be a happy ever after (RhysXAlucard please?). I want to love this series but the third book is killing me and worst of all I can’t find another human who agrees. Perhaps I am no longer human and that’s why I can’t enjoy this great series.

Please prove me wrong. Tell me why I should love this book and continue reading it.


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