Wordles – A Writing Tool

giphy~ Hi guys, long time no see and all that.

A lot’s going on with uni work, I’m also still attempting to be a writer and the reading slump is still on-going. 😦




But I thought I’d share with you guys something kind of cool that actually helped me out with one of my main concerns as a writer. Every writer wants to use the right words all the time and we also loathe to repetitively use the same words.

This is where Wordles come in! You know, those cute little text bubbles with words in various colours and shapes depending on how many times you use them? All you’ve gotta do is go to Wordle.net and copy the work you want to check. The website ignores certain words such as the, he and she and all those sorts of words likely to be repeated. It also detects other languages, not just English.

For The Gem Experiments my Wordle turned out like this:

wordle 2

So the main characters names are the most prevalent and then I appear to over use the word like and eyes.

“And her eyes like soooo blue.” – A quote I just made up just now, honest.


I discovered this cool little tool after republishing my novel, so while I’m not too displeased with the results some of those minor words are a little bigger than I liked. I also made a Wordle out of the first draft of a different project and it had similar results. The main characters are the largest and then a couple of words I really need to consider using less.

wordle 6

While the Wordles look pretty I think they can also be great tools on how to improve your writing, so I thought I’d share it with you guys! Enjoy 🙂

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