The Darkest Legacy by Alexandra Bracken


IM ALIVE. I survived university and then I read THREE awesome books so I’m clearly not broken ~ Which is legitimately what I thought a couple of months ago when I couldn’t sit down with a book. BUT NOW I can’t wait to tell you guys about them.



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The Darkest Legacy by Alexandra Bracken



I was super excited when I heard Alexandra was writing a sequel to her trilogy, The Darkest Minds and the fact it was also not another trilogy also seemed awesome. I’m a little tired of stories stretching on when they could be more awesome for stopping and leaving some things to the imagination and not just running out of steam and falling face first in the to the mud. However, by the end of this novel I wished it had been split in to 2. Sounds crazy? But hear me out.

The Darkest Legacy is a few pages shy of being 600 pages long and it seemed almost a little two rushed in places. The puzzle fitted too well together for the sake of not having an even higher word count. It was also an emotional, action-packed, never stopping roller coaster of a novel. Not even the last chapter let me breathe. GIVE ME ONE PAGE OF FEEL GOOD, PLEASE. Tell me they took a chill pill and bought a dog, or something. So while I loved the action, I wanted it to give me a chance to breathe and those characters. I also still want a continuation from this novel, there’s so much to be explored in the novel’s messed up world.

On another note, Zu (Suzume Kimura) has a great voice as the narrator, which surprised me because she was voiceless in the trilogy. She was like the teams mascot, previously a cute little girl who had to wear rubber gloves to control her electric abilities. Like a human Pikachu. But 5 years later, 17 tear old Zu is a badass. She explains her reasons for being voiceless the in the trilogy and I loved how having a voice was integral to her character. It was nice to see her character grow between the two stories. I never expected to love Zu so much, possibly more than Ruby who felt a little too angsty for me (Ruby went through a lot of crap even before the trilogy started for her angst certificate to be legitimate. Not hating on Ruby.).

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The Darkest Minds world was still interesting and also tragic. I won’t say too much, in a way to avoid spoilers. But it seemed like Alexandra had put so much thought in to how the world would have changed and the politics. It was a great read and I recommend it to anyone who was a fan of the previous series.



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