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meeMy name is Emma and I’m a writer, blogger and an avid reader of fantasy books. I’ve been writing a novel called The Gem Experiments (Diamond) for the last four years and now it’s finally available for the world to see on Amazon, Goodreads and here is its little space for it on my blog.



What do I do with my existence?

  • I hunt down stories as if they’re forgotten treasures.
  • I write about them as if they’re the next wonders of the world. And they damn well could be. Reviews will be posted on my blog, Goodreads and perhaps on my Instagram.
  • I take photos of my findings! Check out my Instagram @ensworldofwords
  • I write the stories about my beloved characters: Seraphina, Kai and Dorian.
  • I go poof until the next interesting adventure begins. (May also be found on Summoner’s Rift.)

Instagram Bookish Photos:


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Favourite quote of all time?