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Renegade by Mallory McCartney ~ Review

I got free copy on NetGalley in exchange for a review.

This book is a prequel to Black Dawn that came out earlier this year. I’ve never enjoyed reading prequels as they were meant to be read and always found myself loving the prequels when I hadn’t read the main series first. I think the Assassin’s Blade is the only exception to this for me. Renegade followed that rule as I loved the novel as story of itself and plan to read Black Dawn soon. I would rate this novel….


Renegade by Mallory McCartney

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Six years before the Black Dawn Rebellion, Adair Stratton and Emory Fae are following in their parent’s footsteps and living at The Academy, a home for those who are gifted. The pressure to uphold the future of their parent’s dream falls on them. An outcast and feared by most, Adair longs to break away from the expectations dictating his future. Even if Emory tries to make him see differently. An unexpected group of friends keep him there, but as whispers of unexplained disappearances start reaching from the capital, Adair starts to doubt The Academy is all it seems.

An unexpected visit ignites new tensions as the roguish king from across the Black Sea, Tadeas Maher of the Shattered Isles, and his heir, Marquis Maher sail to Kiero. Notorious for their pirating and wrath- for the first time in years, they demand the Fae’s listen to their proposition for a new treaty, holding the news of Nei’s father’s abrupt death over them. Caught in the middle of politics- Adair and Emory, with the help of their best friends Brokk and Memphis search for the one thing that matters most- finding out the truth.


Why I loved this book:

  • The world was rich and full of magic, which left me wanting to know how it worked and how everything was linked. I liked the idea of the teens searching for answers on their own, it had this Harry Potter like charm. And I especially liked Emory’s cunning, which also showed it was something they all did often.
  • There was mystery to this magic filled world that the characters were unaware. I liked the fact we got to discover it (and its evil sides) with the characters.
  • It had a cute magic school vibe, but teamed with the fact the characters were so in tune with their surroundings so it was also a little ‘break out of their surroundings’, which I loved.
  • If you have heard anything about Black Dawn then you’ll probably know Renegade is about how a villain becomes one, I kinda found this out after researching hesitantly. I didn’t let myself know who would be the villain and this made it an even more interesting read as I spent a while guessing. The three guys; Memphis, Adair and Brokk all could have swung that way at different times and really hammered in the idea their choices defined them. I loved this.

Image result for the internet is dark and full of spoilers

The doom and gloom – Negative Points:

  • I think there were maybe two scenes that had Emory’s point of view and I fell in love with her voice instantly. So this makes me really want to read Black Dawn but also made me wish I would hear more from her in the prequel.
  • I didn’t like Brokk, in the beginning I really dreaded hitting his point of view. He struck me as a bit too whiny, but I found I grew to stand him later as he matured and had to face things.
  • Lastly, I struggled to keep up with a few of the fight scenes. I re-read certain parts to see if I missed something but I still couldn’t seem to work out how some characters or their magic moved from one place to another. I get it that battle is hectic and all that but it took me out of the story as I struggled to work this out.


Overall it definitely makes me want to pick up Black Dawn!

Book Hangover Prep

Kingdom of Ash is coming out October 23rd and like nearly every Sarah J Maas book I’ve ever read I know I’m going to have a super book hangover after it is finished. To top it off it’s going to be the end of her amazing series, so a book (or maybe a few) will be dearly needed.

Book hangover? What is it?

If you’re such a lucky soul, or perhaps the reverse and in fact the most cursed to have never read a book so good you possibly can’t ever consider forgetting those amazing characters and picking up another book that doesn’t have any of those characters because it would be sacrilege against that amazing book / series. Then you need to clearly read a book so amazing it ruins your life. I recommenced either of Sarah’s series or Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows!

Symptoms of a Book Hangover via Epic Reads

I feel like this picture from Epic Reads sums it up pretty well!


Book Hangover Cures

Anyway I always find an amazing contemporary YA is the best cure. These are some of my favourite go-tos for such an occasion:

Image result for eliza and her monstersImage result for emery lord when we collidedImage result for i'll give you the sunImage result for eleanor and parkImage result for we are okay


Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia

This contemporary felt almost like it teased being fantasy related, but it isn’t as it’s about a famous online comic writer coming to terms with her potential fame and anxiety. I liked Eliza’s voice and the double life she lived.

When We Collided by Emery Lord

Vivi is another character with an amazing voice and is just so upbeat she’s fun to read about. On the flip side I also liked Jonah because he was more grounding and sweet. It’s a romance but also copes with grief and mental illness.

I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson

The cover is flipping yellow, it already wants to cure you of that book hangover just by looking at it.  The characters have these big personalities and their problems are so very not fantasy related that it’s refreshing after a huge heart destroyer like Kingdom of Ash (that ending better be good). I also found the characters and the romances that bloom between them all really sweet.

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

I feel like this novel should be considered a YA classic at this point, almost everyone seems to have read it or heard of it. I was late to the bandwagon too. This novel is about fitting in school, relationships and family, with all that feel good cliche of mix tapes.

We Are Okay by Nina Lecour

Hard hitting and may also rip your heart out. (Why did I suggest this?) The cover is beautiful and its about real people problems (not a magical evil fae queen and the demon kings). It could be refreshing. But its a damn good book and you should check it out.


What am I reading for my book hangover?

I’ve got a line-up. My contemporary read is going to be Emergency Contact by Mary H. K. Choi . The cover seemed pretty cool and it’s about two characters striving for their dreams in difficult situation and they collide. I’ll drop the description below:

Image result for emergency contact by mary h.k. choi

For Penny Lee high school was a total nonevent. Her friends were okay, her grades were fine, and while she somehow managed to land a boyfriend, he doesn’t actually know anything about her. When Penny heads to college in Austin, Texas, to lear

n how to become a writer, it’s seventy-nine miles and a zillion light years away from everything she can’t wait to leave behind.

Sam’s stuck. Literally, figuratively, emotionally, financially. He works at a café and sleeps there too, on a mattress on the floor of an empty storage room upstairs. He knows that this is the god-awful chapter of his life that will serve as inspiration for when he’s a famous movie director but right this second the seventeen bucks in his checking account and his dying laptop are really testing him. 

When Sam and Penny cross paths it’s less meet-cute and more a collision of unbearable awkwardness. Still, they swap numbers and stay in touch—via text—and soon become digitally inseparable, sharing their deepest anxieties and secret dreams without the humiliating weirdness of having to see each other.

~ ~ ~

Then to ease myself back in to fantasy I’m thinking Black Dawn by Mallory McCartney. I’m reading the prequel now and I’m loving it so far. Black Dawn is also only 99p on Kindle right now, so I super recommend grabbing it if you’re interested!

Image result for black dawn by mallory mccartneyThe end of an Empire, The rise of a Queen

Emory Fae enjoys leading a quiet, normal life. That is until two mysterious, and handsome soldiers show up at her apartment, and the life she knew is instantly whisked away. Memphis Carter and Brokk Foster come from the magical and war ridden world of Kiero, and upon Emory’s arrival she will discover she is the long lost heir to the Royal Line and is thrown into the Black Dawn Rebellion with a dynamic role to ignite the rebels and reclaim her throne. 

With both men being darkly woven in her past Emory uncovers hidden secrets, a power held long dormant, and will soon realize there are worse things than supernatural humans, love, loss, betrayal, and a Mad King.

Some things are better left in the shadows.

~ ~ ~

I also  feel really inspired after reading an amazing book, so I hope to really delve in to my writing and finish up the final draft of book 2 of The Gem Experiments.


I’m super prepared for Kingdom of Ash, how about you guys?

Signal Boosting: The Empress by S.J. Kincaid / Review

I’ve read so many amazing books and while I would not say this series is amazing for me (probably because I’m not much of a space nerd) it was like political drama novel art. I couldn’t put it down. It got to 4AM at one point and I just had to finish it.


Image result for the empress sj kincaid

The Empress by S. J. Kincaid


The Empress is the second in the Diabolic series and I loved Diabolic, I liked how Nemesis struggled with her humanity and fighting against everyone’s beliefs as well as actually fighting. It was a fun action packed book and Empress did not disappoint. And there are so many points that I want to gush over but I feel like mentioning too much would be spoilery. This book has so many twists and turns its like nothing I’ve read in a long time. I hardly expected any of them and after a while it made me honestly dizzy! I was just along for the ride that was Empress.

I read this almost a year ago but I never considered writing a review, but after a small investigation in to where the hell is book 3 and realising it was projected for around this time and still is untitled and basically non-existent I thought I’d just mention this. It’s crazy because for as much as I’m aware Diabolic was a really hyped first novel. If anything I’d say Empress blew Diabolic out of the water. It was a rollercoaster ride of feelings, I was excited, happy, sad, angry, down-right confused(in a good way). My only real gripe about this book was Tyrus, he seems too infallible.  While I really enjoyed this read and it put me on a bit of a book slump because I was just left reeling. When the next book comes out I have a feeling Tyrus is going to annoy me a lot in the next book. However, I want to see how this crazy space drama plays out. YA novels as of late seem slightly on the predictable side and the Diabolic series is anything but predictable.


Check it out even if you’re not super in to sci-fi, I don’t even like Star Wars that much (don’t hate me) but I could still enjoy this series.

Relaunching The Gem Experiments #1 Diamond

Hey guys I’m relaunching my novel and I’m also offering free e-book copies, if anyone is interested contact me through WordPress and I can send you a copy to your Kindle or etc.

Diamond is the first novel in the planned series of The Gem Experiments, its currently available through Kindle Unlimited as well. If you’re a fan of urban fantasy’s with strong female leads check it out.  It’s like a blend of Shadowhunters / Maximum Ride sort of story. Check it out on Amazon!


Diamond, The Gem Experiments #1


Seraphina Luxgrove is a Gem. If anyone discovered that truth she would be killed instantly. 

She’s played the game of lies and loose truths all her life, living amongst the zealous Lionhearts as one of their own. She trained with their children and now she’s fighting the monsters and keeping humanity safe. It sounds almost too good to be true – because it is. Six months ago something happened to Seraphina, but she can’t remember it. Her partner in crime, Gem, and only friend Kai turned his back on her and now she is left all alone harbouring their secret. 

Alone and bored Seraphina decides to play her greatest and most dangerous game yet. She dates Ignatius Cross, the Second of one of the biggest guilds of Lionhearts in the world. If he cannot discover what she truly is then no one can.

But the scales are not tipped in her favour as memories from those forgotten months come back to haunt her. Then there’s bumbling Dorian Scott with a big secret of his own that could kill as easily as it could save.

Will Ignatius Cross unravel her lies, or will her past catch up with her first? 

Flash Review of Angel’s Blood by Nalini Singh

Okay, I know I’m a little late to the party but this series is freaking awesome. I was wondering around half dead after finishing my dissertation and found book 11 in a series and was like hey why not who cares about spoilers? Turns out the series was awesome so I read book 1 after 11.

Image result for angels bloodAngel’s Blood (Guild Hunters #1) by Nalini Singh

5 / 5 Stars

Vampire hunter Elena Deveraux knows she’s the best – but she doesn’t know if she’s good enough for this job. Hired by the dangerously beautiful Archangel Raphael, a being so lethal that no mortal wants his attention, only one thing is clear – failure is not an option … even if the task she’s been set is impossible.

Because this time, it’s not a wayward vamp she has to track. It’s an archangel gone bad.

The job will put Elena in the midst of a killing spree like no other … and pull her to the razor’s edge of passion. Even if the hunt doesn’t destroy her, succumbing to Raphael’s seductive touch just may. Because when archangels play, mortals break …


Read it if:

  • You freaking love vampire novels, this also combines angels and how they create vampires. The world knows a fair amount about these beings although they do have their own secrets still.
  • Are you a bit sick of YA, or just hit a reading slump? Pick this up. Elena doesn’t read like a person in the upper side of her twenties. (OR MAYBE IM JUST GETTING OLD AND THESE PEOPLE ARE BECOMING MORE RELATABLE?!)
  • Kick-ass heroine hunting down monsters.
  • If you don’t mind reading some paranormal romance :’)


Honestly I need to be in a certain head space to want to read this genre of books. I’m so focused on my own writing right now I struggle to read anything but this series dragged me in. Book 11, Archangel’s Venom ( I think? ) Was so good I hope to read entire series at some point.


The Darkest Legacy by Alexandra Bracken


IM ALIVE. I survived university and then I read THREE awesome books so I’m clearly not broken ~ Which is legitimately what I thought a couple of months ago when I couldn’t sit down with a book. BUT NOW I can’t wait to tell you guys about them.



Image result for the darkest legacy

The Darkest Legacy by Alexandra Bracken



I was super excited when I heard Alexandra was writing a sequel to her trilogy, The Darkest Minds and the fact it was also not another trilogy also seemed awesome. I’m a little tired of stories stretching on when they could be more awesome for stopping and leaving some things to the imagination and not just running out of steam and falling face first in the to the mud. However, by the end of this novel I wished it had been split in to 2. Sounds crazy? But hear me out.

The Darkest Legacy is a few pages shy of being 600 pages long and it seemed almost a little two rushed in places. The puzzle fitted too well together for the sake of not having an even higher word count. It was also an emotional, action-packed, never stopping roller coaster of a novel. Not even the last chapter let me breathe. GIVE ME ONE PAGE OF FEEL GOOD, PLEASE. Tell me they took a chill pill and bought a dog, or something. So while I loved the action, I wanted it to give me a chance to breathe and those characters. I also still want a continuation from this novel, there’s so much to be explored in the novel’s messed up world.

On another note, Zu (Suzume Kimura) has a great voice as the narrator, which surprised me because she was voiceless in the trilogy. She was like the teams mascot, previously a cute little girl who had to wear rubber gloves to control her electric abilities. Like a human Pikachu. But 5 years later, 17 tear old Zu is a badass. She explains her reasons for being voiceless the in the trilogy and I loved how having a voice was integral to her character. It was nice to see her character grow between the two stories. I never expected to love Zu so much, possibly more than Ruby who felt a little too angsty for me (Ruby went through a lot of crap even before the trilogy started for her angst certificate to be legitimate. Not hating on Ruby.).

Image result for pikachu

The Darkest Minds world was still interesting and also tragic. I won’t say too much, in a way to avoid spoilers. But it seemed like Alexandra had put so much thought in to how the world would have changed and the politics. It was a great read and I recommend it to anyone who was a fan of the previous series.