The Gem Experiments Series

The Gem Experiments is a YA Fantasy series filled with supernatural monsters from vampires to fae, the humans that hunt them, and a touch of romance in all that.

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TFEDiamondFrontCoverIt must be an ill omen to gaze in to your date’s silver grey eyes and think of death. But for Seraphina Luxgrove death could be around the next corner.
She is a Lionheart, a being who has devoted their life to slaying the vampires, werewolves, fae and demons that threaten humanity. The monsters are impossibly strong and fast, with magic to boot. One slip-up could mean her end. However, the Lionhearts are just as likely to kill her if they ever discovered her secret.
She belongs to a race of beings branded as kill-on-sight. No one can know she is masquerading as one of the Lionhearts’ own. But to fool the most observant of all, Ignatius Cross the Second of their guild is a new challenge for her.
But one unexpected Lionheart might just raise the stakes. Dorian Scott has a secret too, he cannot be killed, meaning he cannot be silenced if he happens to learn too much.
How far is Seraphina willing to go to ensure her survival?




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